Smoked Salmon Mousse ~ $9.95

(Served with Crackers and our Homemade Toasties)

Ratzsch’s Onion Rings ~ $8.95

(Our Signature Hand-Breaded Style)

Königsberger Klöpse ~ $8.95

(Veal, Pork and Beef Meatbal simmered in a Lemon Caper Cream Sauce)

Chicken Liver Paté ~ $9.95

(Egg, Red Onion and Cracker Condiments)

Octoberfest Strudel ~ $9.95

(Smoked pork, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut baked in a light flaky pastry)

Baked Beer, Cheese and Sauerkraut Dip with Toasties ~ $8.95

(Garlic toasties with Beer Cheese Sauerkraut Fondue)

Usinger’s Sausage of Your Choice ~ $7.95

(Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut and Hot Mustard sauce)

German Snack Plate ~ $23.95

Featuring Hungarian Wurst, Octoberfest Strudel, Sauerbraten, Königsberger Klöpse and Red Cabbage


Spinach Salad ~ $7.95 

 (Hot Bacon Dressing)

Iceberg Wedge ~ $7.95

(Blue Cheese, House Dressing and Bacon Bits)

Caesar Salad ~ $9.50 

(Served with Anchovies)

House Salad ~ $4.95

(Choice of Dressing)

Soups of the Day or Consommé with Liver Dumplings

Cup ~ $5.50 Bowl ~ $6.50

Sautéed Spinach and Mushrooms with Garlic ~ $7.95

Potato Pancakes ~ $7.25

(Served with Apple Sauce)

 German Potato Salad ~ $6.95 

Octoberfest Fries ~ $6.95

Red Cabbage ~ $4.95 

Spätzle ~ $4.95 

Sauerkraut ~ $4.95


Crackling Pork Shank ~ $33.95

Crispy, Tender Hachse served with Pan Gravy, Sauerkraut and Potato Dumpling

Braised Beef Rouladen ~ $28.50

Round Steak Rolled and Stuffed with Pickle, Onion, Green Pepper, Bacon and Mustard Served with Red Cabbage and Spätzle

Braised Stuffed Pork Chop ~ $26.50

Tender Pork Chop stuffed with Old Fashioned Dressing and served with Sauerkraut, Apple Sauce and Spätzle

Roast Duck ~ $32.50

Served with Natural Gravy, Wild Rice Blend, Red Cabbage and Old Fashioned Dressing

Sauerbraten ~ $32.95

Marinated Sirloin Roast with Ginger Snap Gravy served with Red Cabbage and Potato Dumpling

Trudy’s Sampler ~ $33.95

Sauerbraten and Pork Schnitzel served with Red Cabbage and Potato Dumpling

Roast Goose Shank {Karl’s Favorite} ~ $34.95

Free Range Goose Served with Natural Gravy, Wild Rice Blend and Red Cabbage

Duck & Goose in Combination ~ $35.95

One Half Goose Shank and One Quarter Roast Duck served with Wild Rice Blend, Red Cabbage, and O/d Fashioned Dressing

Riesling Chicken Schnitzel ~ $27.50

Breaded Chicken Breast, Riesling Mushroom Sauce served with steamed vegetables and Spätzle

Wiener Schnitzel a la Holstein ~ $28.00 (substitute Veal ~ $32.00)

Breaded Pork Cutlet topped with fried egg, anchovies and capers served with steamed vegetables and Potato Dumpling.

Black Forest Schnitzel ~ $28.95 (substitute Veal ~ $32.95)

Breaded Pork Cutlet Layered with Smoked Ham, Swiss Cheese, Spinach, and Mushroom Sauce, served over Spätzle.

Usinger's Sausage Sampler ~ $27.50

Knackwurst, Hungarian Sausage and Bratwurst with Octoberfest Fries and Red Cabbage

*Standing Roast Prime of Beef

Tender Prime Rib cooked to your liking! Served with Baked Potato

  - Served Every Saturday –

Regular Cut.14 oz.~ $29.50 Karl’s Cut 20 oz.~ $34.50


Königsberger Klöpse ~ $26.50

Veal, Pork and Beef Meatballs Simmered in Lemon Caper Sauce with Spätzle

Ratzsch’s European Sampler ~ $34.00

One-quarter Goose Breast, Pork Schnitzel, Octoberfest Strudel, Spätzle, and Red Cabbage

Chicken Schnitzel Parmesan ~ $27.50

Sautéed Chicken Breast topped with rich tomato sauce and mozarella cheese and Spätzle


Jumbo Shrimp ~ $30.50

Lightly Floured and Sautéed in Garlic Butter with steamed vegetables and Spätzle

Broiled Planked Whitefish ~ $29.75

Fresh Lake Superior Whitefish with Potato Bordure


~ Served Every Friday ~

Sprecher Beer Battered Haddock ~ $16.50          Broiled ~ $16.95

With Homemade Potato Pancakes or German Potato Salad and Creamy Style Cole Slaw

*Filet Mignon ~ $39.50

Dry Aged 10 ounce Steer Tenderloin topped with Mushroom Sauce and served with Ratzsch's Famous Onion Rings,
Steamed Broccoli and Baked Potato

*Beef Tenderloin Schnitzel ~ $39.50

Mushroom Sauce, Spätzle, and Red Cabbage


Riesling Schnitzel ~ $19.95

Lightly breaded Pork Cutlet with Sherry Mushroom Sauce and Spätzle

Usinger’s Sausage Medley ~ $18.95

Assorted Sausages Sautéed with Spätzle, Onion and Red and Green Bell Peppers

Petite Whitefish Filet ~ $18.95

Broiled Planked Whitefish Filet with Potato Bordure

Caesar Salad with Chicken ~ $17.95, with Salmon ~ $18.95, with Shrimp ~ $19.95

Classic Caesar Dressing tossed with Romaine lettuce, Asiago Cheese, and homemade croutons.

Spinach & Orange Salad ~ $17.95

Fresh Spinach, Orange Segments, Frisee Lettuce with Tomato, Red Onion, Feta, and Olive Oil

The Mermaid’s Salad ~ $19.95

Blueberries, strawberries, glazed walnuts, Gorgonzola Cheese, and Spring Lettuce Mix topped with sautéed Shrimp and
drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette


Zucchini and Spinach Parmesan (Gluten Free) ~ $18.50

Baked en casserole with Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese, Served over Spätzle

Kase Spatzle ~ $18.50

Sauteéd petite German dumplings topped with Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato, Mushrooms, Swiss Cheese and Caramelized Onions

Ratzsch’s Vegetable Platter ~ $18.25

A medley of potato pancake, sweet potato purée, parmesan tomato, onion rings and sauteéd Spinach and Mushrooms

Gluten Free Vegan Vegies ~ $17.50

Pan Fried Potatoes with Mushrooms, Onions, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Broccoli


(Served with French Fries or German Potato Salad)

Bavarian Burger ~ $11.50

Melted Swiss, mushroom sauce, lettuce, tomato, Krispy kraut, toasted Kaiser

Pork Schnitzel ~ $13.50

Melted Swiss, mushroom sauce, sauerkraut, lettuce, tomato, toasted Kaiser

Usinger’s Bratwurst ~ $9.95

Pan sauteéd and served on a Hoagie with Sauerkraut

Portobello Burger ~ $11.50

Sauteéd Portobello topped with spinach, mozzarella, caramelized onions, toasted Kaiser

(*) Consuming undercooked meat or eggs may increase the risk of food borne illness